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RoboErgoSum Project

There is an intricate relationship between self-awareness and the ability to perform cognitive-level reasoning.

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WP1.1, 1. (2014) Report on sensory-motor representations and fusion processes discriminating robot and environment..
WP1, 1. (2016) Sensory-motor Representations and Fusion Processes Discriminating Robot and Environment.
WP1, 2. (2016) Difference Between Learning and Interpretation.
WP1, 3. (2016) Inclusion of the Scene Interpretation Processes in the Global Architecture.
WP1, 4. (2016) Submitted paper on self and situation awareness.
WP2, 1. (2014) Report on the Action planner including geometrical reasoning for manipulation.
WP3, 1. (2016) Technical report on the proposed artificial motivation system.
WP3, 2. (2016) Submitted paper on the proposed artificial motivation system.
WP4, 1. (2014) Report on the integration of the Keramati model on a robotic device.
WP4, 3. (2014) Report on decision criteria for switching strategies, goals and meta-goals based on frustration measures.
WP5, 1. (2014) Technical report and submitted paper on supervision of human-robot interaction based on perspective taking.
WP5, 3. (2016) Submitted paper on self-awareness and social awareness.
WP5.2, 1. (2014) Report on multiple system learning in human-robot interaction context.
WP6, 1. (2016) Report on cognitive architecture and underlying processes.
WP6, 2. (2016) Technical report on integration of different processes from tasks 1-5 in the architecture..

RoboErgoSum project is funded by an ANR grant under reference ANR-12-CORD-0030