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RoboErgoSum Project

There is an intricate relationship between self-awareness and the ability to perform cognitive-level reasoning.

Conceptual robot architecture enabling self-awareness.

Project Description

RoboErgoSum - Self Aware Robots, is a four year project (1/1/2013-31/12/2016) funded by the French National Research Agency ANR under grant ANR-12-CORD-0030 which objective is to explore artificial conscienceness in robotics.

The project investigates the notion of self awareness through the development of perceptual abilities for self-localisation and environment interpretation, decision-making and deliberation, learning and self-assessment, and interaction with the environment and with other agents.
The processes implementing these capacities must operate simultaneously. Central to the project is the design of an architecture that integrates these processes together and that actually enables the emergence of consciousness as a result of their interaction.

RoboErgoSum project is funded by an ANR grant under reference ANR-12-CORD-0030